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Ingrown Toenails Treatment for the Richmond, VA, Area

Dr. Paul J. Greenberg in Mechanicsville, Virginia, specializes in foot pain and sports medicine, as well as a variety of podiatry services to help you live your best life. Our services typically include an initial consultation and diagnosis to determine the cause and extent of your particular condition.
Following the diagnostics, we will administer the prescribed treatment, which may be a single procedure or may require multiple appointments.
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Heel and Arch Pain

If you're having heel pain when getting out of bed or standing up after sitting for a long period of time, we can help. This is usually caused by overuse or a mechanical fault in your foot, such as a dropping arch. Read more
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Foot Surgery

We will always work with you on lifestyle or structural changes before moving forward with surgery. However, if surgery is needed, we can repair several structural deformities, helping to maximize ... Read more
Foot being bandaged - Mechanicsville, VA - Dr. Paul J. Greenberg

Sports Medicine

From tendonitis and shin splints to stress fractures from overuse, we specialize in sports medicine. We'll help you identify the cause and find the best options for treatment including steroids or ... Read more
Foot being cared for - Mechanicsville, VA - Dr. Paul J. Greenberg

Skin and Nail Disorders

From ingrown toenails and warts to painful corns and calluses, we'll work hard to find the root cause of the problem, the best treatment options, and the bottom line solution to your painful or ... Read more
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